07 March 2023

JIXING Presents the Latest Research Data of Cardiovascular Asset JX09 at the American College of Cardiology Annual Congress 2023

JX09 is an attractive candidate for clinical development as a novel and very highly selective aldosterone synthase inhibitor 

Shanghai, China, March 7, 2023 – Ji Xing Pharmaceuticals Limited (JIXING), a biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing innovative medicines to underserved Chinese patients with serious and life-threatening diseases, today announces that the abstract of latest research data of cardiovascular asset JX09 (formerly PB6440) was presented at a moderated poster session at the American College of Cardiology Annual Congress 2023 (ACC 2023). JX09 is a novel drug candidate under preclinical development targeting cardiovascular diseases including hypertension.  

Aldosterone is an important mediator of hypertension, heart failure, and kidney disease. Directly targeting the synthesis of aldosterone has been developed as a novel alternative strategy. The abstract title is “Enhanced inhibition of aldosterone production by JX09, a next-generation, highly selective aldosterone synthase inhibitor (ASI)”. In vitro, JX09 exhibited >300-fold selectivity for aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) compared with cortisol synthesis (CYP11B1). JX09’ s selectivity was also significantly higher than baxdrostat (<100-fold). In non-human primates, JX09 achieved >90% aldosterone lowering and no accumulation of 11-DOC and 11-deoxycortisol. 

Both in vitro and in vivo analyses demonstrated improved potency and substantially greater selectivity by JX09 compared to baxdrostat. JX09’s selectivity profile may provide better efficacy and safety than baxdrostat,” said Professor Bertram Pitt from University of Michigan School of Medicine. “JX09 is a novel and very highly selective ASI that is an attractive candidate for clinical development. Further clinical and comparative studies are however needed to confirm these findings.” 

“We are honored to have the JX09 research data presented at ACC 2023, a leading international academic platform. The high potency and selectivity make JX09 a potential best-in-class drug candidate,” said Dr Yuan Li, Chief Medical Officer of Cardiovascular of JIXING. “JX09 is our first asset with global rights in the cardiovascular field. We will collaborate with medical community to further drive the clinical development of JX09 in the future.”

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JIXING is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Shanghai committed to bringing innovative science and medicines to underserved patients in China with serious and life-threatening diseases. Backed by RTW Investments, LP, JIXING was founded in 2019 and partners with global biotechnology companies to develop and commercialize novel, innovative therapeutics to treat unmet medical needs in cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases. With a strong and further developing asset pipeline, seasoned management team, and patient-centric focus, JIXING is dedicated to delivering a meaningful and lasting impact on patients in China. For additional information about JIXING, visit www.jixing.com.


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